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Fishing for Buyers!


I have always thought that selling a home is a bit like fishing. You have all your fishing equipment that is designed to make short work of those fish. You stop on the way to your favorite fishing hole and buy a container of big fat worms, then set up and drop a line. Here is where some fishing people differ. Some will drop that line in the water and then fall asleep, waiting for that tug on the line to wake them. Others will cast their line out into the perfect spot, and then jiggle the line a bit to catch the fish’s attention. They will reposition their hook into better areas as they go along. This is what I call active fishing.
This holds true with home selling as well. Individual agents come to the party with various lures in their tackle box. Some have that same tired looking lure that they have been using for years. It has been used so much that the shine is gone and the fish basically just ignore it. Others have the newest lure on the market. They picked it up yesterday and haven’t even really figured out how to use it yet. They toss it in the water just to see what happens. Tomorrow, they will get the next new one and try it out.
Then there is the professional fisherman. They have the lures that they know work. They are up to date on all the new ones, but only use the ones they have learned to use well. They know just how to cast the lure right into the correct areas of the pond and stay awake to work the line. As soon as they know a fish is interested, they work the line to bring that fish home.
If you are looking to sell your home, you need an agent that understands how to snag a buyer. Give me a call. I think you will fall for me hook, line, and sinker.

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016