The Cat’s Meow!

I have never considered myself a cat person since I have allergies to them. I did own a dysfunctional one once. We merely tolerated one another. I was allowed to live in the apartment with this cat, but only at the cat’s whim.

Cats have played a large role recently in my Real Estate career. The last two listing appointments have been at cat homes. The cats know I am allergic to them and they just love to jump in my lap while I am in the middle of a presentation. I pet them while I am talking and soon I am gasping for air. My business partner takes over the presentation once the throat closes down, my eyes start to itch, and I feel as though I have a hair ball.

Of course while we look over the home we come across the cat box. You can almost see the odors emanating from the box. I swear there is a dead zone 15 feet around a litter box where the odor has killed every living thing.

This is usually where the home owner sweetly says, the buyers will never know fluffy is even here! It’s hard to respond that the odor at the front door will knock down most potential buyers if we are not careful. I would suggest having a life support team on hand for every showing, but I know my teammate would kick me right then and there.

So, the last two homes, the last one in particular, have been quite malodorous. We spend 30 minutes discussing ways to clean or mask these odors. Yet the home owners would rather the house reek than to find a comfortable, temporary home for the pets during the listing time. I would suggest a nice home in Siberia, but again these suggestions usually get me into trouble.

I really do like cats, and dogs for that matter, but in a time when only the best looking (and smelling) homes are selling in our area, I wish the home owners would think through the pet issue more clearly. At least cleaning the litter box dead zone every so often.

Well, it’s off to list another home. Large 3 BR 2 Bath, Move in Ready! This one really is the Cat’s Meow!

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