All work and no play…

Ok, just like you, I have heard the old saw about all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, I have taken this to heart. I have for my entire career worked too long and too many hours. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed almost every hour because I am addicted to working.

I decided last year that maybe I needed to loosen up and enjoy some real life. So, I started working every now and again as an extra in some of the movies being made here in Atlanta. I have had a blast!

I don’t do this often because I am a full time Realtor, and the extra pay from the movies just about covers my gas to drive to the set! But what great stories I have to tell to my clients! I think this outlet has opened me up and cleared my head enough to enjoy the real work I do as well.

This weekend I got the best role of my 13 month acting career. I played a stuffy lawyer seated between Jason Bateman and Greg Itzin. Greg, for those who don’t know the name, played the President of the United States on the program 24 for a couple of years. Both of these guys were truly professionals in their craft; funny, smart, and a bit intimidating to sit between while they are acting.

Watching these two guys plus the multitude of riggers, ropers, riders, and a bunch of other “R” craft and crew people was really astonishing to see. These guys all moved with such choreographed precision around the set. There must have been hundreds of these guys all working in a small area. You could see they were all pros.

I realized that our profession, Real Estate, probably looks the same to many of the people we work with everyday. Sit back and imagine the first time you ever saw a closing take place. The attorney seemed to have a huge pile of papers and knew what was on every one of them! The two agents on either side seemed to know everything that their clients needed and was there for support every time the buyers signing hand went into a spasm! “Keep going, you can do it!”, we would encourage, while eyeing the commission check.

Isn’t it neat how we can step outside of our business sphere and see how other professionals ply their trades? Perhaps we should all do this more often and bring back fresh new ideas to our own trade. Remember that Jack was pretty dull until someone suggested that he branch out. So here I am, “Hollywood Pete”, telling you to take some time for yourself and look around to see if there are new ideas outside our profession that we can absorb and use. What a great way to re-charge your batteries!!

And after all that, I forgot to ask Jason and Greg if they wanted to buy or sell a house.

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