Exercise…Who me?

Last night it was dark and cold. My wife says, “Let’s go for a walk”. She says this like it is the most natural thing in the world to do after a long tiring day. Sure, lets go trudge around in the cold instead of sitting on this nice couch in my warm living room.

Grudgingly, I accept the offer, knowing that if I didn’t the evening would probably go downhill fast. So 4 layers later, scarf around my neck, mittens on, ready to leap out into the frigid cold, (OK it was only around 32 degrees but I like the drama), off we go. My wife even convinced my 19 year old daughter to leave her computer to join us.

Out we go. I notice that not even the crazy neighbors down the street are out. So who’s crazy now I think. About 1/4 of the way around our neighborhood the cold is easing a bit and I can look around. We look for a stray meteor overhead as this week is a good meteor shower week. I did not want to get hit by one in my misery of having to walk in the cold. Man was I miserable.

About half way around my usually non-communicative daughter and I start talking about school and stuff. Can’t believe she is making me think while I am trying to maintain a certain dignified level of grumpyness. We share a few stories and my wife takes the lead making me work even harder. I think I feel a heart attack coming.

About 3/4 of the way around we are all laughing about the days happenings. I start thinking about new and interesting ways to sell houses. I am nice and toasty. I can’t believe my wife said it was cold outside. We are now on the downhill side of our walk and I am in the lead. We should think about doing this walking thing every January 4th, you know, a family tradition thing.

Arriving home I ask my wife why she doesn’t get us all out for a walk more often. I am sure at this point that it was me that came up with the great walk idea. I feel good, the heart attack thing must have been a gas bubble. I tell my wife that I will be getting her out for a walk more often. What a great way to relieve the days stress and get some time with family. I can’t believe I had to coerce my family into going!

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