The one thing that continually amazes me is the power of connections. I went through Real estate school with a good friend 5 years ago. She stayed in the business a short time and moved on to other things. We have not spoken for a year or so and she called me this week to list her home and to be her buyers agent as well. She told me she could think of no one else that markets as well as I do to handle the job.

I was mentored by an agent 4-5 years ago that is now a trainer in the industry. He and I have been working on bringing a class on Video to the local agents. We are pretty far from having this done, but it has brought us together to work with each other again. He called me last night with a referral. He told me that of all the agents he knows, he trusts me the most to handle his buyer better than anyone else.

I received a referral from the office for a seller. The broker told me that my marketing is the best in the office and wanted me to handle this client.

A contractor I met in a networking group called last week and wants me to list some property his mother owns. Of course I said yes!

Connections. It is really amazing that while you are out living your life, you can also be sowing the seeds for future business. And maybe not even realize it! This is a connections driven business. If you are finding your pipeline is drying up, go do something, anything. I don’t think it really matters what as long as you are out living your life and interacting with others.

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