The Power of a Team

Teamwork. The theory is that 2 people can do more than twice the work. Three people can do more than three times the work. I am here to tell you that with a good team, this is true.

The team I am referring to are the loan officers, Attorneys, Plumbers, Electricians, Surveyors, Handymen, Roofers, and scores more of people I have collected over the past 5 years. These people are many times why I get referrals from past clients. I have been told by many clients that I must know everyone. I only know the good ones I tell them.

This support team is so critical to our businesses. Many new agents would do well to start collecting their team members from day one. Ask around the agents who have been around for a while who they use for AC work or whatever you need. I collected many of my team members by joining a local networking group. I know that I can call on my team members in a lurch and they will come through for me. They know I am a great referral source for their business as well.

When an agent is hired, they should be hired with the knowledge that they come with a superb support team. Be the go to for all questions. Be the source of the source. By being indispensable to your clients, you will stay on top of their go to list forever. And a good support team can make the transactions go smooth as silk. Exactly what the buyers and sellers have hired us to do for them.

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