Simpler Times Campaign


I was brainstorming with my marketing company the other day and I said I wanted to do a mailer with great eye-catching pictures and cute sayings that would get the attention of people in my farm area. We talked awhile, and the above mailer sprang to life. It became a softer message, one that would be a bit more soothing to look at, perhaps even elicit a chuckle or two from my audience. With as stressful as life has become these days, I felt that we needed to step back to a simpler time and place.

What has been developed is a whole campaign based upon these cute kids, no they are not mine, all photographed by the same photographer. As I looked through the photos I decided that I could make a 12 to 18 month mailer campaign based on this look. So, a campaign was born. The card shown above went out this week.

The front of the card is designed to capture the attention of the folks I mail these to. I would love for them to save the card and put up on the fridge, just because they are cute. Maybe, they will save the whole set and enjoy them for years to come. The back of the card has my actual message about the marketing that is done by den Boer Homes. The back of the card will remain the same throughout the campaign with the front being new each time. All 12 cards are already done and waiting to go out in the mail.

The mailer piece itself should show off the fact that there is a higher level of marketing from den Boer Homes than most. We are trying to drive home the fact that we do more to get homes sold. den Boer Homes has been using listing videos, not slide shows with canned music since 2008. I was interviewed by Realtor Magazine back then because hardly anyone was doing this. Guess what? They still aren’t.

Also in our arsenal are well done flyer cards for our listings. They are full color, double sided flyer cards. The design of these cards matches the designs of our homebooks for the inside of the home. These full color books are meant for buyers to take with them when they leave. It’s a great way for them to remember a great home.

At den Boer Homes we believe that the marketing fee paid to a Real estate professional should help pay for marketing other than a sign and placement in the MLS. Stay tuned for the next mailer. We sincerely hope that you enjoy these as much as we have in producing them.
As always, feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about buying or selling a home.

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