More Simpler Times!

Towne Lake Mailer
Den Boer Homes just sent out the second in a series of monthly mailers. Like the first one (Simpler Times) and all the rest to come, we featured the same photographer. These mail pieces are supposed to offer the recipients a cute picture that they might wish to hang on to, put up on their refrigerator, and enjoy. It will also hopefully remind them to call den Boer Homes when they need a Real Estate agent!

The front of the card was purposefully kept low key from the stand point of asking for business. The back of the card shows the den Boer Homes information and some of the marketing we do for our clients. Interestingly, most of the feedback received to date has been from other agents in the area wanting to know how they can get these cards. Unfortunately, they were designed in-house just for den Boer Homes. We are able to offer these cards to agents outside the immediate area where we farm.

Some agents have asked why we do not include statistics on the card for the area. The answer is that at least 2 other agents are already doing this. Additionally, this information is readily available to consumers, so why not give them something that’s not? We believe that by informing potential clients about our marketing and how much more we do than other agents, and offering something new and different in a mailer, we will get the call when the time is right.

The Simpler Times mailer campaign is set to run for a minimum 12 months, and possibly to 18 months. It is our sincere hope that the recipients of these cards will at least enjoy them for a moment and remember that den Boer Homes is ready and willing to apply a higher level of marketing to get their home sold!

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