Audio and Video Tools

I have dusted off the “Talking House” transmitters in my basement and have started using them in my listings. These AM Transmitters allow me to walk potential buyers through the home while they sit in their cars outside the home. This is particularly useful in bad weather, in the evenings, and for people just driving a neighborhood without a Realtor. These transmitters plus the solar lights I use on my signs effectively extend my showing time during the day to 24 hours!

I am also getting ready to roll out a service that will allow people to view a digital movie of the home directly to their PDA while they sit outside the home. Yet another way to get potential buyers interested in the home. The link below is part of the soundtrack I have produced for the Talking House program. It starts with the outro, goes to the intro, and then to the home info. Ths causes the message to wrap around or appear to have a beginning, middle and end when it is listened to. Listen and let me know what you think. Oh by the way, it takes a few minutes to download, so have patience!

Audio Link

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