Great Expectations!

This was great! I was heading out with my family to see myself as an extra in the just released movie, Life as we Know it. I had everyone jazzed up and ready to see dad as a full fledged movie star!

We walked into the local theatre and the guy taking the tickets says, I saw that movie yesterday and it was pretty good. I said, well…it should be. I am in it! He just smiled that smile I see from time to time when people wonder if the hospital knows I escaped.

I stock up on treats at the counter, spending far more than I made working as an extra on this film, and we settle in to our seats. The theatre is packed with a dozen or so patrons surely there to see my debut as a film actor. I make sure once again everyone knows where I will be in the film so that they will not miss a moment of my screen time.

The movie begins and I smile to myself thinking, wait till I get to tell people how great I looked next to Katherine Heigl! I mentally began practicing how I would sign autographs in the lobby.

The film proceeds and all of a sudden I see a friend of mine from work appear on screen! Way to go Randy! Then my wife sees a fellow worker she knows! Leigh! Way to go! At this point I am psyched!

We get to the part that I know I am in and bam! I blinked and completely missed my big moment!! It lasted maybe ½ second and consisted of a door opening to the courtroom. I know it was me doing the door opening, and only my older child swore she saw a shadow that could have been me. I was devastated!

Well, everyone says the door opening scene was one of the best in the movie, but I was still disappointed. I expected to be on screen the majority of the movie. Perhaps the editors would slow down my door opening scene so that I would hang in mid air and slowly work my way through 20 minutes of the door opening. It would have been quite dramatic I am sure.

It was not to be. I sat through the rest of the movie and actually liked it very much. It had multiple Atlanta sites in the movie and the acting was good. And then it occurred to me later how life works this way. You get all excited about some small thing, and then realize how the greater moment ends up being better.

For instance, we have home buyers all the time that stress over the many issues of buying a home. They stress out over the normal stuff like, loans, moving expenses, whether the kids will fit in to the local gangs. They also fret over things like the color of a wall, whether the back yard is just the right size, or a multitude of other smaller things.

Just like me, I worried over 1 second of film time in a movie when in fact the entire 1 ½ hours of the film was terrific! Once these buyers close on the home and they begin moving in, the vast majority forget the small stuff and completely enjoy their new home.

The lesson here really is don’t sweat the small stuff. In the end it will almost always work out fine. I know buyers will continue to worry about everything, but Realtors really are here to make sure the details are covered.

So if you are producing a movie and need an ace door opener give me a call! If you would like to buy a home, I can open doors for you as well.

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  1. Terry Moore Says:

    Hey, Ace! I’m thinking of doing a video for my web page and maybe you can open the “door”. :>))

    I can’t wait to see the movie, I’ll be sure not to “blink” the whole time!!!

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